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  1. David says:

    This is an impressively creative, playful, thoughtful website. Both the visual journal and the cartoons provides striking methods for conveying the feel of your journey, your search, and your time together.

    So the combination of what you both contribute to the website begs the question of whether it is work or play. Rachel seems to love the word art that she creates while James seems to fully immerse himself in the photos and videos. Are you each working or playing? If work has an element of joy, does it become play? At what balance point?

    • Rachel says:

      David, It was so awesome to return from our trip to your comment! Thanks so much for checking our blog out! As you know, when you create some sort of art, it is truly fulfilling to have a deep thinker consider your creation. The division between labor and leisure is so oblique that we can never truly figure out whether we’re working or not, just as you said! And that is the beauty of life-that there is never a definite answer. We really enjoyed getting to know you on our short ride down to Ashland. And we’re excited to explore your panama blog! Happy Trails to you! –James and Rachel

  2. David says:

    PS: How did you fare in the smoky mountains above Ashland after I dropped you off?

    • Rachel says:

      Our hike through Oregon was AMAZING. The smoke cleared up about 4 days in, but even those first days were beautiful. Oregon is truly a magical place. We just hiked into Washington via Bridge of the Gods yesterday and are back in our bus. We’ll post some pictures and thoughts pretty soon. Thanks again for the ride and the great conversations down to Ashland. Best to you! -James + Rachel

  3. Rena says:

    Hey Guys!
    We (Rich and Rena… also known as R&R) just finished the Panamint City backpack. Came across your wonderful art and thoughtful commentary on both the wall at “The Castle” and in the comment book. Really appreciated it. And now I appreciate your wonderful and creative website/journal too.

    Just wanted to say “hi”. We also are VW camper owners, so isn’t that funny. But we are “old” and have been doing camper trips (and other trips and trips and trips) for centuries at least.

    So happy trails to you!!!!

  4. taylor + fran says:

    Nice ta meet cha! Have fun on your journey, you two. If you ever need anything in Bozo hit us up!

    T + F

  5. Charlotte says:

    These pictures are amazing and I love the idea behind this. My question is how do you fund these trips?

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Charlotte,

      So Sorry for the late response! Thanks so much for visiting our blog and for reaching out.

      To support ourselves, we do farm work as we need it, everything from butchering chickens to harvesting peaches. We’ve done roofing, dug ditches, and hung Christmas lights. James is a videographer, and creates shorts for nonprofits and small companies. I do some freelance writing. Mostly, we work to need less money, and have lived below the poverty line for the last 5 years. That’s probably the biggest thing; to need less, and then you don’t need to earn much. We work for what we need and no more.

      Hope that was helpful!

      Thanks for the good vibes and for following along on our journey! Hope you end up doing what makes your hearts burst with joy most days; for that is the only way to live.

      Much Love,

      rachel + james

  6. David MacNaughton says:

    I’ve been house less since 1993, you two are enjoying each other and a free life. If ever in the midwest give me a shout. Much love.

  7. Ergun says:

    You left everything and then you lived 3 years in nature and came back to society and you re SELLING your experinces,involved the marketing and monetary system now..!! What a big paradox..you are liars

  8. Brian G says:

    Wow you guys have some great audio visual talent! I didn’t notice any Alaska shots in your film… are you planning on visiting this phenomenal state? Our midnight sun filled summers are amazing! Summer is also full of opportunity for gigs that offer great experiences and can really fill the gas tank while increasing your own awareness of a place’s natural history… we lived the seasonal dream of snow and guiding for 5 years and picked AK over everything else. Keep it up! Feel free to message if you ever need tips on AK sights or jobs too.

  9. I posted this on our VW Facebook club.

    “Tyce Ferwerda Finally watched it. Who would have ever thought that TRUTH could be found while traveling in a VW Bus!!!?”


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